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Salon wigs Korol Natali

KOROL NATALI is a unique trading company that has been operating in the field of wig maker art for over 20 years.

The mission of the company is to make people beautiful, happy and self-confident.

We have our own production, which uses exclusively handmade and natural selected Slavic hair.

 If you want to transform and bring some zest to your everyday image, the wig salon Korol Natalie in Kyiv offers a huge selection of wigs and hairpieces made of natural and artificial hair. Here you will find a huge selection of lengths and colors, and favorable prices will pleasantly surprise you. Wigs from Natalie Korol help women and men look stylish, tasteful, feel confident and relaxed, because these products help to visually hide the flaws in appearance and highlight the advantages. In addition to Natalie Korol's wigs for adults, you can also find children's and youth models here.
Features and Benefits of Wigs Korol Natali

The main advantage of Natalie Korol's wigs is that they are made from natural Slavic hair, and all products are handmade. As for artificial wigs, materials such as acrylic, vinyl and kanekalon, an algae extract, are used for this purpose. Such wigs are characterized by increased heat resistance and practicality in everyday use. In total, in the catalogs of wigs of King Natalie in Kyiv, you can find more than 10,000 products of different price categories: from 150 hryvnia to 10,000 dollars, depending on the material, length and quality.

The range of products in the online store Korol Natali in Ukraine is represented by wigs, semi-wigs, hairpieces, false strands, bangs, headwear, as well as hair extension systems made in Ukraine, Germany, Japan, Korea, China. For permanent customers, the online store has a system of discounts. Masters also make wigs according to the individual order of the client, both from the hair of the customer himself, and from the hair available in the store. The atelier practices three different ways of making wigs: tambour, braided and combined. Available with simulated scalp and invisible front line for a more comfortable fit.

Today the store offers a large selection of wigs from Slavic, South Slavic, Uzbek and Asian natural hair, both in cuts and in the form of braids.

Where to buy wigs Korol Natali

If you want to buy a wig in an online store, you can do it online through the catalog, choosing the product you are interested in and placing an order with delivery to your city.

We ship wigs anywhere in the world. Europe and America.

If you are interested in making a wig according to your individual order, you can write to us via the feedback form on the official website of Korol Natali wigs, and our specialist will contact you to discuss the details. We are waiting for your applications and are ready to do everything to make the product look perfect on you and create a great image for you!


Our contacts:

+38 (098) 455-75-75

+38 (063) 715-81-21

+38 (093) 170-89-10

Instagram: korolnatali_

The address:

st. Bohdan Khmelnitsky 58 A, Kyiv, 01054


Grateful for your trust! Best regards Korol Natali team

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