Alopecia in women– is a delicate problem that can affect self-esteem and self-confidence.

     Wigs  and overlays from Korol Natali,  will help restore confidence, emphasizing natural beauty due to their high quality and comfortable fastening.

     Korol Natali products are manufactured using the most modern technologies, which guarantees maximum naturalness and invisibility.
     You will be able to choose different styles and colors that perfectly match your image and mood (Read More).



# # # Non-surgical hair replacement: the best remedy for baldness

       Many men face such a problem as baldness, and it does not depend on age at all. Some people just put up with this situation, but modern technologies allow us to find an effective solution.

       By far, the best and safest way to solve the problem of baldness is to use pads, patch systems and wigs. This is the best option for men of any age. It is important that the most important thing in men's wigs and overlays – is the quality of hair, materials and the use of modern manufacturing technologies (Read More).



Hair loss in children: what is worth knowing

     Hair loss, or alopecia, in children is becoming more common nowadays. Although in many cases it is temporary, and the hair will grow back, but it takes time.

     Common causes of hair loss in children include genetic factors, autoimmune diseases, fungal infections, or stress. Regardless of the cause, hair loss affects the child's self-esteem and emotional state, which can lead to additional stress (Read More ).



       Today, cancer remains one of the most pressing problems not only for Ukraine, but also for the world community. Hair loss is one of the side effects of chemotherapy, and for many women it becomes a serious psychological trauma.

     It is here that the Korol Natali wig salon comes to the rescue.

# # # Psychological support and self-confidence

     We often have to communicate with women undergoing chemotherapy. They come to us depressed, but after trying on wigs,  their mood improves significantly.

     Our wigs are so natural that they cannot be distinguished from real hair. Clients begin to see their former beauty in the mirror, which is very important for their psychological state (Read More).