Personalized VIP Service
 Handmade Wigs from Slavic Hair Brand Korol Natali

- Service and manufacturing only for you only you and the masters
- Manufacturing and installation of customized wigs of Premium Class systems
- Any hair length and texture
- Selection of the right method of manufacturing based on the needs of the customer.
- Selecting the shape of the product
- Selection of hair color
- Special attention to detail
- Online support for advice on any order questions.

Material exclusivity

- Using only high quality natural Slavic hair (in the world market it is the most exclusive and expensive hair)
- Advantages of Slavic hair: softness, strength, ideal structure for creating a wig.

- Natural appearance of the product, indistinguishable from your own hair

Benefits of VIP service

- Separate room where only you and the master
- A specialist works with you
- A specialist and a technologist work with you
- A specialist technologist and a stylist work with you
- Trying on 5 to 10 different hair replacement systems, wigs to choose from
- Ability to travel to your home
- Priority of production
- Understanding and fulfillment of all individual wishes
- Assistance in creating the image

Service offer

- Warranty and care:
- 1 years full warranty service.
- Including correction, tinting, repair, painting, washing and spa care.

Exclusive offer:

— For a consultation and help in selecting the right products for you, you can consult the founder of the company Korol Nataliia


     The program of personal service can be used in full, and to choose items separately.

     The prices for services are prescribed by the administrator of the salon.

     Call or leave your phone number ❤️


 Contact information:

 Phone: 098 455-75-75

Email: [email protected]