Order hair products and individual consultations online!

Just you and the Master online or in person in our salon.
      Our showroom is located in Kiev. We are engaged
• sale
• Production
• We provide reconstruction services
• We provide hairdressing services.
      If you are not in Kiev and cannot visit our showroom, this is not a problem.
      By prior arrangement, we will provide you with a detailed consultation via Whatsapp, Viber or Telegram, as well as possible video communication.
      Select a communicator for consultation and describe as much as possible:
• what hairstyle
• what color do you want
• if you have a sample - photo - send it to us
• find a similar option on our website and provide the article number or send us a screenshot of it.
Once we receive this information from you, we will offer you product options with a similar color and style. You will be able to see these options on our website (you must use the links we have provided). Additionally, we will send you photos and videos that we take for you.
We have a very large range of products according to various criteria:
• producers
• base material
• hair origin and structure.
          We will offer options in various price categories: from VIP products to the minimum price on our website - choose the one that suits you.
          During the consultation, you will receive full information about the products and their varieties as well as other types of services we provide to our clients.
• We will show any product you like online and take additional photos and videos from different angles.
• We will show and advise you based on the product and answer all your questions about the products and their production.
• We will talk about hair and proper hair care.
• In order to wear wigs and hairpieces comfortably, before placing an order, we will offer you to take head measurements to compare them with the dimensions of the selected product. If the product differs significantly in size, our technologists will do the work for you to adjust the product size.
• Our colorists and hairdressers will work for you if you need to change the shade, color and style of your selected product.
• Once all additional work you have requested has been completed, we will take photos and videos of the result and show the product online.
      We regularly conduct such consultations for our clients. Communication and additional questions, exchange of photos, justification - all this sometimes takes several days. It is okay. We understand how important this is to you.
      We ship orders from our customers all over the world - tell us your location and we will offer you delivery options.

      If you are in Kiev, we will be pleased to welcome you in our salon.
To visit our showroom, you can sign up for a free consultation with fitting - write to us or call us and we will set a date and time for the meeting.