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 Detailed description of taking measurements:
     1. Forehead - from the temple, through the overgrowth above the forehead, to the temple.
     2. The crown is from the temple, through the most convex part of the crown, to the temple.
     3. The depth through the crown is from the ear, through the top, to the ear.
     4. Depth through the top of the head - from the ear, through the top of the head, to the ear.
     5. The length is from the growth of hair above the forehead, through the crown, to the fold that forms when the head is raised   upwards.
     6. The back part is at the height of the middle of the ear, from the overgrowth to the overgrowth, through the most prominent places.
     7. The volume of the head is from the ear, through the overgrowth above the forehead, behind the ear, through the fold behind, to the ear.      



1. Online store:

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Here you will find a wide range of wigs and posticher products. You will be able to choose the color, length and style that are perfect for you. This is the most convenient way to get acquainted with the offers and place an order without leaving home.

2. E-mail:
If you have specific requests or need additional advice, you can write to e-mail [email protected]. In the letter, specify your preferences, perhaps attach a photo of the hairstyle you want to recreate, and do not forget to leave contact information for feedback.

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4. Product display:
Sometimes it is important to personally verify the quality and style of the product before buying. You can clarify the possibility of organizing a private display of products by contacting the specified contacts. This is a great opportunity to choose the most suitable option with the help of professional advice.

How to choose the perfect wig:

- Self-image analysis:

 Think about what kind of image you want to achieve. It can be a radical change of style or just a small correction of your current image.

- Features:

Attention should be paid not only to the appearance, but also to the quality of the wig. Natural-looking hair, a comfortable base and ease of wearing are of paramount importance.

- Maintenance:

Consider the time and effort you are willing to devote to the care of the wig. There are options that require minimal maintenance, and there are those that need regular styling and special care.

     Choosing a wig or other postizherny product from Korol Natali is an opportunity to express your personality, change your image, or recreate the lost volume and length of hair.

KOROL NATALI Wigs – The Art of Naturalness

   Differences of KOROL NATALI wigs:

- Hand-Made: Each wig is created exclusively by hand. The method used is a tambourine, in which 2-3 hairs are neatly woven into the base of the wig. This ensures exceptional naturalness and naturalness of the image.

- Wig Base: Made of ultra-thin fabric mesh, high strength, softness and elasticity. It is not only pleasant to the touch, but also allows air to pass through, allowing the scalp "to breathe".

- Imitation of the Scalp: Is implemented on fine silk, so that the parting can be done in any direction, while ensuring maximum naturalness of the look.

- Invisible Joints: A special technique allows you to position the hair not entirely, but gradually and chaotically, which eliminates the visibility of the base under the hair.


Each natural wig is unique, ensuring the individuality of your image. The patterns are not repeated, emphasizing your uniqueness.

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Don't miss the opportunity to update your look with an exclusive KOROL NATALI wig. We will be glad to see you in our salon to offer not just a wig, but the key to your new and unique personality.


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