Every woman strives to feel beautiful and emphasize her individuality with the help of various styling and hairstyles. But in order to diversify the image, you don’t need to cut your own hair every time, instead, you can use such an accessory as an overhead oblique or straight bangs. This modern style attribute can give your look a fresh and unique look in seconds.


Who is the сlip-in bang suitable for?

Wigs and extensions are increasingly chosen by girls for various reasons, because it can add romance to the image, emphasize facial features or give a touch of austerity. 

One way or another, overhead long and short bangs can come in handy in different circumstances:

  • The structure of your own hair is not suitable for wearing bangs, it is porous, wavy, thin, naughty, or hard to care for. In this case, it's much better to buy frings and not cut your front hair strands.

  • The girl wants to change her hair, but doubts remain about a radical haircut. There are reasons for this because if after a haircut you want to return to the previous hairstyle, you will have to wait a lot of time until the hair grows to the desired length. At the same time, the сlip-in bangs can be cut in any way, and if desired, replaced with another model or completely removed.

  • And finally, if you need to create a new bright look for a holiday, a themed party or a photo shoot, a natural or artificial hair overlay will come in handy. Using frings, it takes less time to create an image than cutting and styling your hair, and after the event, you can easily return to your usual image.

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