Natural Hair pieces


     Our Company Korol Natali sells hair extensions in Kyiv, London, Germany, Monaco and any other country in Europe.

     We sell Slavic and European cut hair.

     Cut hair retains its structure completely, is not subject to injury and with a living cuticle that remains in place.

     Such hair extensions, are very convenient and can withstand a long service life in the future.

     Hair pieces is suitable for making hairpieces and wigs, capsular extensions, Hollywood extensions, making tresses and overhead strands on clips.

       After the extension procedure, the hair is almost impossible to distinguish from your own, the strands are just as silky, soft and natural.

      In the Salon Korol Natali in the presence of a huge selection of natural selected hair pieces:

- European and Slavic hair available;

- undyed hair of different shades (from light to dark);

¬ different hair structure from nature (ideally even, wavy, curly);

- length from 40 to 70 cm;

- weighing 89 grams or more.

     We will help you with the choice when buying hair!

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