Wigs Lviv

False hair is becoming more popular and this is not for nothing. Choosing a wig or false bangs, you seem to get access to many options for hairstyles and can experiment with your style. But it is not so easy to successfully buy a wig from natural hair in Lviv, because you need to take into account many factors - how to distinguish a quality wig from a product of poor quality, how to choose the shape, the length, and color of artificial hair according to your appearance and wishes. So if you decide to buy a wig in Ukraine, you need to learn more about the main types of wigs and use some tips to make the choice successful and the purchased wig will please you for a long time.

How the fashion for wigs growth in Lviv

The trend for stylish wigs appeared a long time ago. The Egyptians were among the first people to wear wigs in 2700 BC. Wigs were made mainly from the fibers of palm leaves, wool, and human hair. Other ancient cultures, including the Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans, also used wigs as an everyday accessory. After the fall of the Roman Empire, wigs fell out of use for a thousand years until they were revived in the 16th century as a means of compensating for hair loss or improving appearance.

In the 18th century, men's wigs were powdered to give them a characteristic white or gray color. Women of the 18th century did not use a wig but wore a hairstyle complemented by overlays of artificial hair. But at the end of the XIX - at the beginning of the XXSt. pastiger products already had a more familiar look. Hairdressers in European cities suggested adding small curls, curls, and false buns to their hairstyles. Actresses and singers used false hair to prepare bright stage images. Even now, such people celebrities like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and many others use modern wigs Lviv for performances, thereby popularizing this accessory in the world. Modern fashionistas often turn to the online wig store to pick up overlays or hairpieces for a bright look for a special occasion or daily wear. The process of ordering a wig has become affordable, so now everyone can choose a product to their taste.

3 steps on how to choose and order a wig in Lviv

1. Decide on the material

All wigs are made from two main types of hair – natural or synthetic. A wig made of natural hair is an option of high quality, but usually, its price is much higher than analogs made of artificial material. Since it is 100% natural human hair, it can be styled, washed, and dried just like the hair on your head. Also, such a wig will serve you much longer than a synthetic one.

2. Choose the shape of the wig

Now on the market are available wigs in Lviv of any styles, colors, and shapes: straight and wavy, scarf or long, with bangs or without. If it is difficult for you to decide which wig will suit your face shape and color type, we advise you to contact the salon of wigs Korol Natali Kyiv. For more than 20 years, King Natalie and her team have been helping women and men to choose or create a wig to order, taking into account all the wishes and needs of customers.

3. Choose the right hair shade

To make a Leo wig look natural, it is important to choose a hair color that will suit your appearance. Remember that pastiger products made of artificial hair are not amenable to dyeing, while natural wigs can be dyed even several times. Choose a shade close to natural, and if you want radical changes - before buying, make sure that the chosen color fits your skin tone, eyes, and eyebrows. We advise you to visit the store of wigs in Lviv and try on several products and compare their appearance in different lighting. Or you can contact the online store Natalie Korol and our consultants will help you make a good choice even remotely.

Trust the professionals of Korol Natali and choose a wig that will emphasize you're natural beauty and help refresh your image with a beautiful hairstyle.