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        Master of the postage business with a twenty-year-old drunk – Natalya Korol, asked for a pair for 15,000 dollars, one hundred imosti kilo selected hair, school masters work on one pair, and about the customer who bought the pair, h you are in control of the airport.

Prophetic dream

        When was my mother pregnant, what was she born to, what did she give birth to m, not bukvalno, necessary, no all my life I've been in hair.

        After portraying myself as an economist. From the age of eighteen, let began to practice post-realistic art, at first it was just a hobby, which from the time em pereroslo into a life's work.

        My husband's parents were engaged in the production of invoices, so my first post-production product was "r usskaya scythe", as they used to call it.

        Then a wig fell into my hands in turn, which I studied for a long time and carefully, it was he who became my first m ethalon. In Ukraine, post-stigerny yskusstw never learn, ya know, what is a short course at the university of culture and arts, but practical experience is very important in this profession, you can’t make a wig without a wig.

        Where did she start her work, twenty years ago, 50 people, 30 of which are professional stigers.


Such different hair

       I make wigs only by hand, from natural hair of the Slavic type, always with imitation of the scalp.

       If in the seventies of the last century women wore wigs as a tribute to fashion, and of course they wanted everyone around to notice their expensive accessory, today there is a trend towards absolute naturalness and naturalness of wig products - no one should have the slightest suspicion that I am now sitting in wig.

       For this reason, such traditional for the mid-twentieth century post-production products as false mustaches, eyebrows, sideburns remained only on theater stages and film sets.

       We buy raw materials for our work in kilograms. The price of a kilogram depends on the type of hair (Asian, European and the best - Slavic), on the structure of the hair (thin, thick, curly, fluffy), on the length (at least 35 centimeters of hair are used), and, of course, on the color.

       The most demanded color is blond and all its shades, it is very rare in nature, so in our business it is worth its weight in gold. So, for example, a kilogram of high-quality Slavic hair 60-70 cm long costs about $ 10,000, sometimes more.

       Our main supplier is the population, in particular girls who have succumbed to the influence of fashion for short haircuts. Probably everyone has seen ads for buying hair, that's actually how we find each other.



       The technological process of making a wig is very complicated, but in short, we first sort the purchased hair by length, structure, color, be sure to get rid of split hairs and proceed to the assembly of the product. Already in finished form, we paint it in the desired color, while disinfection takes place, and then a haircut and styling directly on the client. The last stage lasts about three hours, so that God forbid you do not cut off excess hair, it will not work to tell the client “hair is not teeth - it will grow back”.

       The whole robot must be done only by hand, since machine knitting looks less natural and is much worse to wear. If a handmade wig has a shelf life of seven years, then the "factory" - only a year.

       About 7-10 craftsmen work on one product for 2-3 weeks. If I worked on the wig alone, it could take several months, up to six months.



        In working with clients, I try to be not only a stylist, but also a psychologist, because people often come for whom hair loss has become a big trauma, here you need to understand and support the person, then you will surely know what he needs.

       Postiger products should be breathable, easy to use, light and ideally suited in size, as long-term wearing of a low-quality wig causes a headache, reduces performance, and worsens well-being.

       Therefore, a very important stage in working with a client is the accurate removal of multiple measurements of the head, and if we are talking about an overlay, then they measure specifically the area of baldness, then the product will not only be comfortable, but will also be worn well.

       In my work, I certainly follow fashion trends, we make actual shapes and coloring for our wigs, but there is a large group of clients who want a hairstyle that is familiar to them, that is, one that will be recognizable to friends, neighbors and colleagues. In this case, I try to make an exact copy so that no one doubts its authenticity.сти.



The age group of clients is from 3 to 103. One lady is 90 years old, and she has been serving me for more than ten years. The youngest client is only three years old.

       Truly complex and responsible orders, of course, for children who, due to various ailments, have partially or no hair at all. In this case, a special approach, because if the child is not comfortable in a wig, physically or aesthetically, he simply will not wear it. For all parents it is very important that the child from an early age feel absolutely complete in society.

       Among my clients are 70% women and 30% men and children.

       People come for various reasons, some because of hairline defects, others want to achieve a harmonious combination of elements in hair and clothes, so to speak, a perfect image.

       Although there are other reasons, for example, there was one person who bought a wig because he was not allowed at the airport.

        There was a client who spent most of his life completely bald, like Bondarchuk, but then decided to change something. With the advent of the wig, he completely changed his wardrobe, as it seemed to him that the existing things did not fit his new hairstyle in any way. Indeed, the image has become much softer, such an aristocratic dandy with exquisite taste, even in restaurants they began to serve menus in English, mistaking him for a foreigner.

       During my long career as a stylist, I was convinced that hair and hairstyle can say a lot about a person, his character, the rhythm of life, and his attitude towards himself. It is an integral part of the image, a communication tool.


Expensive pleasure

       My wigs start at $2,000. The most expensive cost the client 15,000, it was, without exaggeration, jewelry work, the assembly took place over one or two hairs 70 cm long. To understand the scale of the work done, it is important to say that with normal hair density, a person has about 100,000 hairs on his head. The price depends on the length of the hair in the product, the density, color and subtlety of the work.

       When buying a wig, you need to pay attention to the quality of work, be sure to check if the hairs fall out and, of course, try on the wig, then you will understand if you can wear it every day.

       You need to take care of it in the same way as you would for your own hair: wash it with shampoo every two weeks with everyday wear, moderate use of varnish and hair dryer. Store in a dark, dry place, protect from moths and bad odors, because the hair absorbs odors very much, which are almost impossible to remove, up to the unsuitability of the product.



I myself wear a wig with pleasure, I don’t have as many of them as for a stiger, only one. I am naturally a brunette, but when I want to create a bright look, I put on a blonde.

       I have four daughters and they are just as passionate about hair as I am. I plan to pass on my skills and my business to them. I really want such a rare profession to be in good hands.

Irina Nikonchuk

Photo: Irina Litvin


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