1. The product is exclusive. Handmade. No one has an exact copy. Most often, even if the master makes a repetition of the wig model, the two wigs still do not turn out to be absolutely identical.

2. The wig is made according to your wishes, measurements, hair color, wig model.

3. For the manufacture of the wig, only Slavic selected hair of the highest quality is used (this is the most demanded and expensive hair on the world market).

4. The base in the wig is breathable, soft, elastic, pleasant to the touch. It exactly repeats the shape of your head, as it is made according to your individual measurements.

5. It always takes more time to make a wig than when the same things are done on stream.

6. The master very carefully controls the entire process of making a wig. His product – it is his reputation and his name. He can't afford to make a poor quality thing.

7.  There is practically no manual work on the stream. But manual work gives a completely different result, it is impossible to achieve such a thorough study of details on a typewriter. No wonder Coco Chanel has always preferred manual labor.

8. To achieve a good result, you need to know the whole process of making a wig, know the composition of materials, their properties. Does every worker in a factory go into such details? And the master is a must.

9. The master does not save on quality. In factories, saving is one of the first places, and with individual projects it is impractical, because the main thing for the master is not to make an act of buying and selling, but to find an owner for his offspring.

10. When ordering an original wig  No one will force you  unnecessary, they will listen to you and your wishes and try to create a unique wig together with you.

11.  Buying a wig means solving problems to prepare for a responsible event, party or holiday. 

12. The main thing is that in order to look like you just came from a beauty salon, it will become much easier, and it will no longer take a lot of time that can be spent on more pleasant things.

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