Non-surgical replacement of hair on the head (men's wigs, overlays, overhead systems) is the best remedy for baldness.
     Many men face such a problem as baldness. And it completely depends on the age. Some simply put up with them and believe that baldness is not a cause for concern. on the contrary, they cut their hair bald and use it as a fashion brand. You can name many names of famous men who faced this problem, such as Vlad Yama, Fedor Bondarchuk, Bruce Willis, Ed Harris, Mike Tyson.
    Others consider this a disadvantage and try to restore the hair cover with the help of folk remedies or a doctor - trichologist, homeopath. Some solve this problem with plastic surgery and hair transplantation. But such a procedure is quite expensive and does not give a 100% guarantee of success and, in addition, it is not suitable for everyone in terms of health.
     It is also necessary to take into account that this procedure leaves behind scars and then a clean-shaven head will not save you. That is why not many men will agree to conduct experiments on themselves.
      To date, the best and most gentle way to solve the problem of baldness is using overlays, overhead systems, and wigs. This is the most optimal option for a man of any age. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the most important thing in men's wigs, overlays, overlay systems is the quality of hair, materials and the use of modern manufacturing technology.

       We make wigs using non-surgical head hair replacement technology. That is, 2-3 strands of hair are attached to the base. The base perfectly follows the contours of your head, because it is made according to purely individual measurements.

      Wigs, overlays, overlay systems are made only by hand and from natural selected Slavic "live" hair, which ensures high quality, durability of our products and absolute naturalness of your hairstyle.

      We assure you that a high-quality custom-made wig will give you a special charm, help you create a new image, emphasize your courage and make you look younger. They will perfectly complement your appearance, look natural and elegant, you will feel cozy and comfortable in them, both in winter and in summer.

         We make men's wigs, overlays, overhead systems only on individual orders, so a man can choose the required length, hair color and model. In addition, our salon offers wig repair, washing and styling services.


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