Hair loss (alopecia) in children is a common symptom these days.  In many cases, the hair loss is temporary and the child's hair will grow back. But this takes time.

    Common causes of hair loss in children and adolescents include:
  • Ringworm of the scalp (shingles of the scalp).
  • Bacterial infections can cause some hair loss, which may look like tinea capitis with scaling. But in this case, it is not ringworm that causes it, but the bacterium Staphylococcus aureaus.

Alopecia areata (alopecia areata) is considered an autoimmune disease (the child's immune system attacks the hair follicles) that causes complete hair loss in round or oval areas of the skin on the child's head or other parts of the body. Unlike ringworm, areas of alopecia areata are completely smooth, without redness and peeling. Fortunately, hair growth often regenerates on its own over time.

  • Alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis similar to alopecia areata. The difference is that the child loses all the hair on the head (alopecia totalis) or on the head and all over the body (alopecia universalis). The chances of success in the treatment of these types of baldness are less than in the treatment of alopecia areata.
Sometimes the best treatment is a high quality wig.
  Not understanding the parents  how to behave correctly in this situation sometimes serves as even more stress for the child. Parents strongly focus on this problem and then an inferiority complex is created in the child. It is not right!!!

  To the child  felt comfortable while his own hair grows, everything must be done so that the surrounding people and children do not even suspect about his problem.

  Wig (monoparik), hair replacement system – this is a prosthesis for the scalp.  The child can be told that there are clothes for the body, & nbsp; and a wig is a garment for the head.

  Our company Wigs Korol Natali has developed such modern technologies that the surrounding people will not even guess that the child is wearing a wig.

   The golden rules of parental behavior in such a situation.

1) Do not panic!!! The child should feel the support of family and friends and live a normal life.

2) Children under the age of 5 do not need a wig. It is necessary to use hats, scarves, hats only from natural materials.

3) If the problem with baldness remains before the age of 5, you need to order a wig made of natural materials according to the child’s individual measurements a year before school. The child will get used to the wig in a year and will feel comfortable, and most importantly, self-confident. For others, it will be ordinary hair.

4)  Dear parents, do not experiment on a child. In no case do not buy an artificial wig (acrylic, vinyl, kanekalon, thermal fiber), a wig made from natural Asian hair – these wigs  are not designed for children and the child looks ridiculous in it. The child has a complex that he is not like everyone else. Where an adult is silent, children will simply laugh and scoff. And then you will have to solve problems not only with baldness, but also with the treatment of the  child by a psychologist.

    Why is it best to order wigs at KOROL NATALI Wig Salon ?

  We have 20 years of experience working with children. The children who came to us at the age of 6 are now 26 years old. And during all this time they wear our wigs. At the same time, others are absolutely sure that this is their own hair. The service life of one wig is up to 5 years.

    The advantage of KOROL NATALI wigs .

  Absolute naturalness,  realism of appearance. 

Imitation of the scalp on the parietal part. You can make a parting in any direction.  

The edge (frontal zone) is absolutely not noticeable (you can open your forehead and ears).  
The ability to change styling, hair color. Depending on the length of the hair in the wig, make ponytails, weave braids.

Wig  completely repeats the contour of the head of the child. As the child's head grows, you can increase the size of the wig.

100% Slavic selected hair of the highest quality.
Basis  wig mesh + fabric – breathable, soft, elastic, pleasant to the touch. Manufacturing technology.

Opportunity to lead an active lifestyle.
Ease of use and maintenance.
Easy to put on and take off.
Comfortable in any weather (not cold in winter, not hot in summer).
Reliability of fixation — 100 %.
Significant weight of the wig (up to 100 g-pamm)
Availability of the scalp for medical procedures (if necessary).
The ability to abandon this system at any time, returning to its original appearance.

Full confidentiality.
Quality guarantee.
A wig for a child is made exclusively according to his measurements and head layout. And also 100% selection of structure, color, length and volume of hair.

Remember! Baldness in a child is not a problem, but a task that  is being solved! Understanding and knowledge will help you and your child feel confident and calm!



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