The problem of oncological diseases is one of the most urgent not only for Ukraine, but also for the world community. Currently, more than half of cancer cases are registered in countries with developing economies. So trouble can befall a person regardless of which country he lives in. The most important thing is that today cancer is not a sentence - it is only a diagnosis. If the disease is detected in the first or second stage, there are chances that a person can be cured radically.

The key to recovery is the desire to live!!!

Of course, after a person is diagnosed, qualified and high-quality treatment is needed, but the doctors themselves say that the support of loved ones and the patient's psychological mood are very important.

    Of course, one of the side effects of chemotherapy is temporary hair loss. If a man is not very complex, then for a woman hair loss is a great psychological trauma.

    Due to my work, I very often have to communicate with such women.

    They come to my Salon depressed, very pessimistic about their future. But when, after trying on a wig, they see their reflection in the mirror, their mood often changes for the better. Thanks to the skill of my salon's employees, many of those who have undergone chemotherapy believe that they will be able to look stylish and modern in the future. And the most important thing is that wigs are made so naturally that they cannot be distinguished from hair that grows naturally.

    It is gratifying that our clients live quite successful and fulfilling lives after treatment. I know this because many of them, even after growing their own hair, use the services of our salon, explaining that wearing a wig is very convenient.

    There are many examples of successful lives after treatment. Daryna Dontsova survived the operation to remove the mammary gland. Moreover, one of the doctors categorically refused to operate on her, citing the fact that she sought medical help late. Another risked and it was he who saved Daria Dontsova's life. Many years have passed since the operation. Darya Dontsova became a famous writer and lives and lives to this day.

     The second example is Laima Vaikule. Look at this successful woman. But she also had cancer. There was an operation.

The third example - Kylie Minogue defeated cancer.

There are many such examples.

We must fight and never give up!

The most important thing is to contact modern clinics that work on new equipment, according to new methods, with the help of which the treatment causes minimal harm to the body.

Clients from such well-known clinics in Ukraine as:

"INNOVATION", "LISOD", Spizhenko Cyber Clinics, National Cancer Institute, which specializes in the diagnosis and complex treatment of benign and malignant diseases.


   Hair loss can occur not only after chemotherapy, but also due to various reasons, ranging from genetic predisposition, the level of hormonal activity and ending with stress and physical overexertion. Currently, there are 5 main types of hair loss, each of which requires a specific treatment:

     androgenetic alopecia (male type)
     temporary hair loss (female type)
     alopecia areata
     high front hairline
     post-traumatic hair loss

    A lot of clients come to us with such problems that are successfully treated, but the treatment takes a long time, and you want to look good right today and now.

    If you need a wig for health reasons, then we draw your attention to the fact that it is precisely such wigs, as they are made in the Salon Wigs by King Natalie, that trichologists recommend to wear to their patients during the treatment of their hair because they:

     give air access to the scalp;
     have a silk base - soft, elastic, pleasant to the touch;
     It is in our wigs that a person will feel comfortable, both in winter and in summer, because they keep the temperature of the human body. That is, they are thermoregulated. They are not cold in winter and not hot in summer.
     ATTENTION! We advise you to buy products from manufacturers, which we are. Then you will always have the opportunity to get professional advice on care, advice on how to properly dress (fix), wear the product, and if necessary, make a reconstruction or change (remake, alter) the product, make a new hairstyle, haircut, styling.


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