Wigs are not just in fashion - they are a necessary accessory in the history of all mankind and this has been proven by time.

  The wig in the history of fashion appears almost immediately with the advent of civilization. There is evidence of its use in the ancient Eastern states (Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Sumer, Akkad, etc.).


The first known depictions of wigs date back to the end of the 3rd Dynasty of Ancient Egypt (circa 2600 BC). In ancient Egypt, wigs were worn over clean-shaven heads. Hair was sacrificed to the gods. Human hair intertwined with date palm fiber was used to make wigs. Such is the wig of the high priest Menkheperre (about 1000 BC) found during excavations

  In the XIV-XVIII centuries. fashion spread at the royal courts. Queen Elizabeth of England wore wigs to hide gray hair, or hair loss due to smallpox.

  The fashion for powdered wigs was massively introduced by the French king Louis XIV in the 17th century. It remained dominant in Europe during the entire reign of the Versailles taste — before the French Revolution. It was then that at the end of the 18th century the refusal to powder wigs was one of the signs of a new thinking

  In the 70s in the USSR, fashionistas did not hide the fact that they wear wigs, but rather emphasized it. These wigs were like a hat. Wearing a wig was fashionable and prestigious, as wigs were very expensive. In the USSR, wigs were not freely available. They could be bought only from the hands of the so-called speculators, and also if a person had the opportunity to go abroad. Also, the wig could be made to order.

  Nowadays, wigs are used not only by people with hair problems and people in public professions, but in the wardrobe of a modern business woman there is always such an accessory as a wig.

  Today, wigs are indistinguishable from naturally growing hair. Pastigers of our company Wigs Korol Natali  have reached such a level that sometimes even experts cannot distinguish a person in a wig or it is his own hair.

 Our company has achieved excellence in the manufacture of wigs, as the secrets of craftsmanship have been passed down in our family from generation to generation. In the manufacture of wigs, high quality and natural materials have always been the highest priorities.

  There is a lot of different information about wigs on the Internet and very often the same product is called differently.

For example, the hair replacement system – this is the same wig, only made using the new modern technology – this is a special mesh base to which 2-3 hairs are attached. A silicone tape is sewn along the edge of the mesh base, which can be glued to the scalp. The hair replacement system will perfectly follow the contour of the head, only if it is made or adjusted to your individual measurements. You choose the haircut model, length, density, hair color when ordering.

  Tambourine wig – this is the same hair replacement system, only it does not stick to the scalp, but is easy to put on and take off. That's all the difference.

  Monosystem wig – it is 2 products in one. That is, according to your desire, you can glue it to the scalp, or you can simply put it on and take it off like a wig.

  If you have your own hair, then a tambour wig is more suitable for you. For greater reliability, special hairpins are sewn inside the wig, which are attached to your hair.

   Wigs, monowigs, monosystem wigs made by our masters of Korol Natali Wigs will always look natural and beautiful, as the model, color, hair structure, density in the product are selected individually - facial features, skin and eye color and other features of a person are taken into account.< br />  


  Over time, only manufacturing technologies will improve.

  Call, write, come, you will always get professional advice about wigs. We are happy to help you with the choice.

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