Author Svitlana Korzhenko

"When my mother was pregnant with me, she dreamed that she gave birth to a girl with all her hair," says Nataliya Korol from Kiev. He has been dealing with natural hair wigs for almost 20 years.

         We meet Natalia in her living room on Plac Zwycięstwa. The wigs there are dressed on mannequins, hanging on hangers and arranged on a large wooden table.

— When I was in my third year of studies at the Faculty of Economics, I met my future husband. His parents made wigs. I was offered a job right away - the woman sits on a chair in front of the mirror. She is wearing tight pants, a loose sweater and red high-heeled shoes.

         - She started working, but never finished her studies. She made her first product, a Russian braid, for four months. The client looked at her and said, "This is mine." She paid me $350. Now the prices are higher than two thousand. A brown shoulder-length wig will cost $ 2,900, the same white one - 3,500.

- The craftswoman uses Slavic hair for her wigs.

- Asians have very thick hair, - she shows two wigs: Slavic and Asian. The former are soft and silky to the touch, the latter are rough and thick. - Slavic hair is highly valued in the world. They are 5 times more expensive than Asian ones. We collect hair from middlemen who buy it from people. They are delivered in bags. In the salon they choose what suits me. I don't take dry ones that have been in the closet for ten years and are cut off. It must be fresh and healthy.

         The wig can be made of hair up to 25 centimeters long. The basis is a material that imitates the scalp. We sew one wig for a month and a half. The raw material cannot be chemically treated. When the product is ready, dye your hair the desired color.

         Natalia takes the wig off the mannequin. He turns it over in his hand.

— 90 percent of customers have hair problems. They come to us because of alopecia or after chemotherapy. Many women buy a wig to wear in winter instead of a hat. I do it too. And even when it's cold, I go outside with my hair up. I wear a wig to the gym and swimming pool. I always leave there with a good haircut. I like to wear a wig with blonde hair. Friends then ask: “Why did you dye your hair? Why are you spoiling them so much?"

         The hostess gives an hour for consultation in the salon.

“Customers often don't have enough time for that,” he says. - One of the wig customers chose this day. Only at lunch did she take a break, went to a restaurant to drink coffee.

         We make men's wigs only to order. They have short hair - the wig must fit perfectly. Once a man with a haircut resembling Vlad Yama (Ukrainian choreographer, bald - "GPU") came. He took off his cap and said, "I want to change something." They chose him a wig with luxurious, thick hair. A month later, he said, "I had to change my entire wardrobe. No old clothes matched my new look. And after the change of image, the restaurants started to offer menus in English.”

         Natalia Korol gives a 7-year warranty on her wigs. It is recommended to care for the product in the same way as for hair. Wash with shampoo and apply a balm every 2-3 weeks. Dry with a hair dryer. Paint every year. Hair is best tied under a wig in a ponytail.


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