Advice One

It is very convenient to take care of a natural hairpiece at home with a special device.

When using professional cosmetics, make sure to apply a conditioning mask to the wig hair after shampooing to easily comb them while wet.

Advice Two

After shampooing, apply a hair mask, followed by a conditioner. After rinsing the hair with clean water, wrap them in a towel for a few minutes, then secure them with pins on a wig stand attached to a table. Style them with a hairdryer.

You can buy a wig from us on the website or at the Korol Natali wig store.

Advice Three

For example, if you don't use a natural wig, a

natural hairpiece may look more natural. In this case, your own hair participates in creating the hairstyle, while the hairpiece is attached to the roots of your own hair with internal attachments.

When creating a hairstyle with a
synthetic hairpiece or a natural one that perfectly matches your hair color, you will experience greater comfort as your own hair creates a natural look instead of the wig's edge all around your head.

The temples and bangs will blend together, and when you lift your hair into a high hairstyle, the strands of the hairpiece at the back of your head will conceal the presence of added hair.


Advice Four

The specialists at KOROL NATALI know how to restore your wig and bring it back to its original condition!

The hairdresser-stylist is a master who can restore, add volume to the hair, as well as cut and color the wig (caring for the wig is as important as caring for your own hair).

In our salon, you can restore not only the wig but also your own hair.

The technician-master will ensure that the wig fits you best and feels comfortable, just like your own hair.
If you want to reconstruct your wig, our technician will breathe new life into your hairpiece. Make an appointment with us for a consultation!

Hairpieces from Korol Natali

At the Korol Natali wig salon, you can buy a wig in Kyiv and find the best hairpieces: we have natural and synthetic wigs, clip-in bangs, chignons, hair extensions, and hairpieces.



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