wig trends
Trends in the field of beauty can not pass by comprehensible products, and Ukraine does not lag behind in these world trends. 
After all, a variety of wigs, false strands, and hairpieces allow fashionistas to boldly experiment with their own image, and create vivid images for photography or parties. In the new season, artificial hair remains a relevant way not only to hide flaws, but a tool for self-expression and experiments with appearance.

Natural Wig

Still, natural hair tone remains the main trend. This is an option for those who do not want to radically change the appearance, but dream of giving splendor or length to the hairstyle with artificial strands. It is better to buy natural wigs in a shade that fits your hair tone as much as possible. Depending on the length, material of the product (artificial or natural hair), and the manufacturer, the price may vary significantly. But it is the wig or hairpieces in natural color that will serve you for a long time and will be relevant for more than one season.


Colored strands

If you do not want to buy full-fledged wigs yet, you can try to diversify the image with false strands in bright or natural shades. Using artificial strands or curls, you can refresh the image without injuring the hair with hard lights and paints. In the Korol Natali online store, you can pick up and order false strands of any length and color, as well as visit the salon for consultation or fitting of the product in the city of Kyiv.


Beveled, short, and elongated bangs

False bangs are also coming with us in the new 2022-2023 season. This year, elongated elegant bangs laid on the side continue to be relevant, because this hairstyle is suitable for both young girls and older women. This form of hairstyle is suitable for people with a square and oval face shape.

Keep popular and short straight bangs, which are also called baby bangs. This haircut is suitable for girls with children's facial features and gives notes of playfulness and lightness to the image. Elongated bangs can be straight and laid on their side, with spectacular ragged tips or a smooth cut. The main thing to remember is that any bangs require care and styling, as well as regular length correction at the hairdresser. Therefore, false artificial or natural bangs can be a great alternative to cutting your hair. In the assortment of the salon Korol Natali, there are many variations of bangs, so every girl will be able to choose a model to her taste.


If you are in doubt about whether to buy natural or artificial wigs or are interested in how to choose the right shade or shape of the wig, contact our salon for advice and we will definitely help with your request so that you can enjoy a beautiful hairstyle.