Natalya Korol talks about the intricacies of pastoral art - making wigs.

  Kristina RUTYAN / 16.07.2007

    The natural cycle of hair is no joke. In one case, a young Goldilocks will bring her annoying scythe to the buyers and leave it there for a penny. In the other, an aunt, deprived by nature of her own vegetation, will run to the master to order an expensive wig.

    Beauties who decide to make a fortune by selling their hair resource will have to make simple arithmetic calculations. You can immediately forget about what the ads on each pillar are full of. Well, no one will pay you a four-figure sum for even a tight and shiny braid, cherished since childhood. So the ads are godlessly lying? And there isn't. They are completely sincere. Only the owners of braids constantly forget that the tempting "Let's buy hair! Expensive! 2500 UAH !!!" - This is about 1 kg. And in your silky treasure there will be 100-200 grams on the strength. Here we consider. In addition, having sold a braid even so inexpensively, it will not work to quickly grow a second one for sale. The average hair growth rate is 0.3-0.35 mm per day (that is, 1 cm per month, 12 cm per year). There is no point in bringing a braid shorter than 30 cm. Buyers of "scalps" in their ads do not lie. They just don't agree. And further. They will then sell your braid bought for a penny for much more - to hair extension salons and wig masters.

   There are three types of hair on the world market today. The cheapest are Asian, hard and black. A little more expensive than European ones are the same Asian ones, but they have undergone "European processing" (note that European women themselves do not sell their hair at all). The most expensive are Slavic, especially undyed, straight hair. So, if you want to part with the "girlish beauty" - do not rush. Remember, you are a rare species these days.

   There is a very real danger of being left without a well-groomed long braid and completely free. My friend Lilichka cultivated her wheat treasure as thick as my wrist, as far as I remember her, from the first grade. And a year ago, in the metropolitan crush of the subway, someone raised their hand to this treasure. Sikos-nakos chopped off a tight braid thrown behind the back through the collar of a sheepskin coat. So the girl at the exit from the subway was pumped out of hysteria - when she noticed the loss. “Now,” he says, “if I grow it again, I’ll stuff it under my clothes!”

They say that not only hunters for raw materials for other people's wigs sin with such a fishery. There are still quite real fetishists. They hunt for the owners of luxurious braids and tails in the traffic jam, replenishing their collections.
"If it weren't for the helpers, one wig would take a year"

Natalya Korol
Wig Maker

- My husband's parents used to do this business, especially my mother - she has a gift. There was no literature, everything was learned by the method of "scientific poke"

I, as a wig manufacturer, buy hair from people who have a patent to buy hair in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and work only with Slavic hair. Due to the fact that it is the most expensive, and the wig costs a lot. The minimum cost is from 800 US dollars. Asian - from 200-250, and artificial ones can be generally for 100 UAH. buy on the market.

I divided my wigs into categories - platinum, gold, silver collections. Here is a platinum one - from 3500 US dollars. This is an author's model, the highest quality of hair and unique long models.

And Asian hair does not suit our women at all. This is hard black hair, it is processed, polished. machine-made wigs are bad because they "climb" over time. And in manual, each knot is fixed separately. A short wig weighs only 60 g. It is very important on what basis the hair is placed. Ideally, the air in it should circulate.

Care for natural wigs is the same as for "native" hair: good balms, shampoo, varnish, which is combed out and does not remain on the hair. But natural hair is afraid of hot curling irons, hair dryers - it is better to exclude them. In extreme cases, a wig can survive up to ten such excisions. Then the hair starts to break. The service life of such a wig is not more than 4 years. If the wig is of medium length, you can still try to fix it and extend the life of another two years.

I have assistants - if I did everything myself, as I once did, one wig would take half a year, or even a year. And so we cope even in 3-4 days. We already have four daughters, they are small, but they are already interested in wigs, trying them on. They grew up with it. I think at least one yes should continue the tradition.

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